Author: Lauren Brooks

Lauren Brooks is the creator of On The Edge Fitness and one of the leading pioneers with kettlebells. She has worked with and is responsible for inspiring thousands of people to pick up a kettlebell and use them without fear. With her laid back and non-intimidating teaching style, she has been sought out all over the world to teach kettlebells safely. Due to her educational background and years of experience, she has developed a keen ability to quickly be able to assess movement patterns and break down instruction in an easy to understand, yet gentle and motivating approach. Lauren is the creator of eight highly regarded kettlebell DVDs that have been successful all over the world and author of Kettlebells For Women, along with the popular Be Strong Like A Mother program (Be SLAM). Lauren, mother of two children, loves working with all individuals to bring out that inner athlete and transform peoples lives, but she truly is passionate about working with females and mothers. Lauren understands females do have different needs. While she feels Training Like a Man is important and has its place, it needs to be done wisely. Lauren enjoys watching her clients transform right beneath her eyes when it comes to incredible strength gains, fat loss, confidence, stamina, moving better and all over life happiness. Lauren resides in Encinitas, California where she runs an outdoor gym all year round. Lauren Brooks has a BS Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Fitness, Nutrition, and Health. She holds a laundry list of certifications including senior position for Strong First, Functional Movement Screen, Battling Ropes, TRX training, Primal Move instructor, and Clinical Nutritionist to name a few. To learn more about Lauren and her story you can visit her site at On the Edge Fitness.

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