The 21-Day Kettlebell Challenge: Day 18

You should definitely be starting to hold on to the kettlebell for longer spells and feeling better as the reps go up again.

Day 18 of 21

There are only 3 more days before the final challenge day and 100 reps. So, there’s no easy off now. You’re on the home stretch.

1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch or Swing:
Total = 70

Just one thing that I hope you notice and can pass on to others, you don’t have to fear the kettlebell. You should be very fearful with the type of instruction you get. Do your research! If you’re going to learn how to use your body using kettlebells, it’s best to track down someone who specializes in all body types with this type of training. Beginners should always move slowly and carefully with no load or a very light load at first. See how their body responds.

If someone is just beginning and ready to take the journey it’s important for them to start in the right place. My advice is to begin learning how to hinge at your hips, deadlift, squat and then finally once those feel awesome, you can look into learning how to swing a kettlebell. If you don’t have access to an incredible instructor in person, I have worked with thousands of people remotely all over the world so I know it is possible to get the right support wherever you are.