The 21-Day Kettlebell Challenge: Day 8

We move to a new rep scheme and change things up by working to a new format.

Day 8 of 21

The rep scheme is more like a ladder now and we’ve taken the total reps down.

1-Arm Kettlebell Snatch or Swing:
Total = 40

Shopping for a Kettlebell

Kettlebells are simple tools but finding the right one can get a little confusing. You have a range of sizes to choose from. If you are just starting out on our kettlebell journey then you can probably purchase just one kettlebell. Choose one that is comfortable to use but just enough of a challenging weight.

Developing strength will be an organic process. You’ll know when you’re ready to move up to a heavier kettlebell.

At the very minimum this is what I recommend:

  • Women – 8 KG (18 Lb) kettlebell
  • Men – 16 KG (35 Lb) kettlebell

In a perfect world it’s nice to have options for different exercises. If you have the funds to invest in several at a time then this is what I’d recommend for the average male and female:

  • Women – 8 KG, 12 KG, 16 KG
  • Men – 16 KG, 20 KG, 24 KG

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