The Endless Pursuit of Mindful Movement

There is always more to learn about how to get the most from your mind and body.

In the pursuit of mastery, most coaches and trainers choose to specialize in a particular discipline, sport, or modality. But Jenn Pilotti took a different approach, letting her natural curiosity guide her toward a uniquely holistic understanding of the human machine. After completing her formal education with a Master’s Degree in Human Movement, she went on to study a variety of systems, including postural restoration, Feldenkrais, gymnastics, natural movement, and yoga, along with traditional strength training.

Along the way, she started writing about what she had learned in an effort to understand it better. When she found a job as a personal trainer, she landed in the perfect place to put all that knowledge to use in a business that she became passionate about.

We talk about the challenges surrounding proficiency in the personal training industry, and the soft skills you should look for when finding a trainer for yourself. Jenn reveals how her own battle with chronic pain guided her exploration of human movement, and how she found that for her, running is the place where she can access a mindful state. She also gives her best advice on how people can get started on the road to improved health, regardless of background or financial resources.