The Fitness Technology Inside Your Head

It’s more important to learn how your body works, than your smartwatch.

Do you have a closer relationship with your heart rate monitor than your actual heart rate? When’s the last time you went for a ride or a run without something stuck in your ear? Are you using technology to make you a smarter, stronger athlete, or as a substitute for your own thought and instinct?

Phil White is the co-author of Unplugged: Evolve From Technology to Upgrade Your Fitness, Performance, and Consciousness. He and Pete Hitzeman chat about finding the why behind your use of technology, and the problems that can arise from poor interpretation of inaccurate data in a lack of context. We also dive into the data privacy risks presented by our increasingly connected devices, and the physical and psychological benefits of exposing yourself to discomfort.

Phil also offers some actionable advice on how to start combating your reliance on technology, and talks about how writing the book with Brian MacKenzie and Dr. Andy Galpin forced him to confront some of his own dependencies. Underneath it all, Phil sees an emerging mindset of self-care that can help people change their lives, one day and one rep at a time.

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