The Redline: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Training smart means understanding how to work the boundaries of your redline state. Often that’s more intensity without more volume with better results.

I wanted to really dig into managing a key part of your development as a CrossFit athlete or enthusiast: the notion that you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. It’s the idea of training yourself to be able to withstand staying near or on top of your redline state in a workout. It’s not something that I can quantify for you generally because a lot depends on your age and athletic status, but it should be an integral part of any CrossFit training program because it is at the heart of the efficiency of HIIT and the CrossFit approach.

There are 3 quick reference discussion videos below to help understand the best way to take advantage of VO2 max training and that redline that is so important. In the first video, I’ll start by describing where the redline sits in relation to your heart rate zones. Then, I’m going to talk about how to apply VO2 max concepts to your training, and the final video is a quick recap on how to personalize the general concepts so that it is unique to your own physiology.

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