Bodyweight Workout: Cycle 3, Week 4, Day 3

Mindith Rahmat


Women's Fitness, Yoga, Natural Movement, Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebells

The bodyweight workouts require only the space of a yoga mat. The third cycle continues to focus on building up to a one-arm push up. The workouts are scheduled three days per week - Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - but feel free to jump in at any time. Please warm up your body with joint mobility to prepare for your workout. Yoga can provide excellent cross-training for this programming.


Week 4 , Day 3



Spend 10-15 minutes working through One Arm Push Up variations and progressions (try to work through at least 5 sets of 2-3 on each side with wide legs).


3 x 1 Minute Rounds:

  • Squat to Lunge Alternating Legs
  • Side Plank to Push Up
  • Abdominal Around the Worlds

(Rest 45 seconds between rounds)

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