Welcome to the Kettlebell workout from coach Dini Leopoldo. Make sure you warm up adequately before starting any of these workouts! You can start each workout with joint mobility/Primal Move.


You can find more video demonstrations by Dini on the Breaking Muscle YouTube channel.


Week 1, Day 1

4x25 side step swings
4x5 halos per side

3x3 get ups per side

4x5 double kettlebell high pulls
4x5 double kettlebell squats

3x10 burpees
3x15 v-ups with light kettlebell




Week 1, Day 2

3x20 seconds elbow planks
3x20 seconds hands planks


5x5 double kettlebell cleans
5x5 double kettlebell deadlifts


6-9-12 burpees
6-9-12 push ups
6-9-12 butterfly sit ups


 3x30 seconds Russian twist




Video Demonstrations:







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