Yoga Sequences, Cycle 2 – Sport Specific Flows: Week 7, Day 1

This cycle of yoga sequences is designed with athletes in mind. Each week’s practice focuses on a different sport, with short flows for recovery and longer practices to go deeper into poses.

Welcome to the new Yoga sequence workout. Here you will find different cycles and sequences programmed by an expert yoga teacher. These yoga sequences provide a blueprint or yoga map for teachers and students.

This cycle of the Yoga Sequences workout will focus on Sport Specific yoga sequences. Each sport in this program will have two sequences per week. The short sequences will range between 15- 30 minutes and can be added on to the end of a sport session, workout, or short rest day. The longer sequences, ranging from 75-90 minutes, are great for rest and recovery days and will include a deeper practice with standing poses and seated poses.

The sequences will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday, with a meditation once a week on Sundays.

Week 7, Day 1: Mountain Biking Short Flow

Each pose 5 breaths:

  • Standing forward fold holding elbows
  • Runners high lunge on right
  • Vinyasa
  • Standing forward bend with interlaced hands in shoulder stretch
  • Runners high lunge on left
  • Downward dog with twist on right and left side
  • High runners lunge with side bend on right to crescent lunge with hamstring stretch
  • Downward dog with calf stretch on right and left sides
  • High runners lunge with side bend on left to crescent lunge with hamstring stretch
  • Vinyasa
  • Mountain pose