Yoga Sequences, Cycle 5 - Yoga for Travel, Week 8

Mindith Rahmat


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Yoga Sequences for Travel will help support you before, during, and after your travels. Whether you are driving or flying, these sequences with help with digestion, circulation, jet lag, and recovery. The Travel yoga sequences with be programmed three days per week; two yoga classes and one meditation practice.




Week 8, Day 1

Jet Lag Short Sequence


Start in a supine position
Right Knee to Chest
Right Leg Extended Stretch
Happy Baby
Left Knee to Chest
Left Leg Extended Stretch
Happy Baby
5x Knees to Chest Twist *to each side
Legs up the Wall 10-15 minutes


Week 8, Day 2

Jet Lag Long Sequence


10x Cat/Cow
Downward Dog 10 breaths
Wide Legged Downward Dog with a Twist *to each side
5x Upward Dog to Downward Dog
Tree Pose Right Side
3x Sun Salutations
Tree Pose Left Side
3x Sun Salutations
Crescent Lunge Right Side
Lizard Pose Right Side
Crescent Lunge Right Side
Lizard Pose Right Side
Seated Twist
Head to Knee Pose Right Side
Seated Twist
Head to Knee Pose Left Side
Forward Bend
Cobbler's Pose


Week 8, Day 3

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Muladhara Chakra Meditation

The Muladhara Chakra is the 1st of 7 energy centers in the body. The root chakra is associated with the color red and a sense of being grounded. When this chakra is balanced you will feel stable, safe and secure.


Take a few moments to close the eyes and relax the mind as you prepare for meditation.


Focus on your root chakra, located the base of your tailbone. 


Count 10 slow deep breaths as you continue to focus on grounding your energy down through your tailbone area.


Imagine a glowing red light, with each inhale feel the red light fill your body and with each exhale release any sensation of tension or tightness. 


Continue to focus on the breath and the flow of energy in and out of the body.


Next feel the energy of the red light move down from the root center to the hips, legs and feet. Notice the sensations of warmth and ease in the lower body.


Stay here with a calm breath for 5 minutes or longer.

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