Triathlon Workout: Cycle 2 (Olympic Distance) – Week 9, Day 4

The second cycle of Triathlon workouts will prepare you for an Olympic distance event.

Week 9, Day 4

Workout description: Strength

Duration: 0:45:00

Warm up:

15-20 minutes cardio of your choice

Main set:

3X12-15 reps

DB bicep curls

Push ups

Seated cable row

Lateral raises

DB shoulder press

Lat pull down machine


Leg press


Pank 30 seconds

Ball crunch 30-60 seconds

Bicycles 30-60 seconds

V-ups 30-60 seconds

Plank alternating knee-to-ebow 30-60 seconds per leg

Cool down:

Wall pec stretch

Overhead triceps stretch

Arm-across-chest shoulder stretch

Side bends, right and left

Clasp hands behind and stretch chest and shoulders open

Standing quad stretch

Hurdler stretch, reach for toes of extended leg, do both sides

Seated forward fold

Seated side bends, right and left

Seated hip opener, left and right (one leg straight, the other bent across it, fold forward)

Iron cross stretch (lying straight-leg piriformis stretch), both sides

Completing a triathlon takes strength, speed, endurance, and flexibility. Triathlon training is balanced, whole-body training. In other sports you may wind up building strength in some areas, while accruing weaknesses in others. Triathletes get body benefits from running, cycling, and swimming, and as a result are lean and fit from head to toe.

After the sprint-distance triathlon, many athletes have their sights set on an Olympic distance event. If that’s your goal, then this comprehensive program is for you.

This Olympic distance triathlon plan starts with an assessment week to dial in your swim, bike, and run training parameters. You begin by building a solid base and move gradually into tempo and speed work. The program culminates with a peak week. As always, the key to success is your commitment to consistency.

Stay focused! Be healthy, train smart, and have fun.