Author: Jeff Kline

Jeff Kline has been coaching runners and triathletes since 1999. At the end of his competitive running and triathlon career, he knew there was only one direction to take his life. That direction was to help runners and triathletes of all abilities work toward and achieve their goals. Jeff felt it was incumbent upon him to give back to the communities that supported him and brought so much joy to his life. In an effort to accomplish this new path, he took the opportunity to study under and work with some of the most highly regarded experts in the industry. He became a certified personal trainer as well as a certified running and triathlon coach. He also completed his studies in the nursing and nutrition fields. All in an effort to bring each individual he works with the best and most up-to-date training sciences and practices available. To this day, Jeff continues his education daily by keeping his mind open to new medical discoveries and training sciences. He believes that each teammate’s training experience should be a learning experience as well. The more you understand the why’s, the better you will accomplish the how’s.

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