athlete journals

Scranton MMA held a seminar featuring Phil Migliarese last Saturday, which marked the official merging of our affiliations. It was also an amazing training week!
Recently someone asked what I attribute to my lifting success as an older athlete. Here's my response.
Now that I've gotten back to strength training, I'm using pause reps to get the most out of my sessions.
This week I had a chance to add some judo techniques into my training, and I think it will go a long way in helping prepare for the New York Open.
I did my first workout post-surgery, and am finding I feel better if I'm moving, even if I need to modify exercises.
Even though it’s challenging to train as much as I am right now, it’ll all pay off at my next meet.
If you’re a competitive athlete, the time for testing your maximum capacity is in competition, not in training.
Last weekend I had a successful tournament, and I'm feeling more prepared for the New York Open in July.
Last week I held a women's self defense seminar, and it went so well I plan to do another one soon.
I'm eighteen weeks out from the AAU Powerlifting World Championships. Here's my training plan.
Despite being on vacation, I had a great training week, thanks to some creativity and supportive family.
It’s been about three weeks since I fully ruptured my Achilles tendon. I'd thought I'd share my recovery journey.
This week was all about knowing my limitations and working around them so I could continue with my training.
Last year, coach Andrew Read shared his training log for Ironman Melbourne. Here are some important takeaways.
Lately I've been setting daily goals for my training and diet to help keep me on track for the New York Open.
I competed in the 2014 100% Raw! Federation’s American Challenge last weekend, and was happy with the results.
With the New York Summer Open about a month away and an event in a few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time training.