To answer the question of how to get in shape for BJJ, we must first look at the requirements of the sport. What does a BJJ athlete need to perform in competition and how is it best developed?
Recently I had the chance to speak to the owner of Killer Bee Kimonos about how he got his start in martial arts. Turns out, an unprovoked attack inspired his first steps into the martial arts world.
The key to getting the most out of training is what goes on when you’re not at the academy, dojo, or gym. If you have not recovered from a previous training session your current one will suffer.
OK! Kimonos founder Brendan Hufford is trying to change things for children who live in poverty. His gi exchange program is helping kids around the world have access to BJJ.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: "butt-ology," competing in BJJ, yoga poses for overhead lifting, and more!
While some jiu jitsu tournaments are more organized than others, for every competitor it is important to enter a tournament fully prepared both mentally and physically. Here are the biggest mistakes.
When I walk out of BJJ, I don’t want to look as though I’ve just been in a fight. Many of us have professional jobs, so here's my advice on how to put yourself back together after training.
I like Justin Timberlake. You do too. Admit it. While listening to his newest song, I’ve been thinking about mirrors, both actual ones and how people can be mirrors for us, in training and in life.
There are fundamentals every BJJ player needs - strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. From there, specific exercises should be included based on the type of game each player uses.
Jaco is on the right track regarding the overall style of the Women’s Performance Training Top, but I feel it would have been perfect for BJJ if they'd chosen a different fabric.
These days, we are fortunate to have access to anything we want with the wave of a mouse. Here is my list (in alphabetical order) of ten online resources that offer something for everyone.
We love our BJJ and MMA readership, and for that reason we've created a strength and conditioning program specifically designed for your needs and your sports.
Sally Arsenault did not begin fitness training until the age of 26. Find out what drew her to the world of BJJ, and what superhero power she would have. (Hint: It involves candy.)
93 Brand Kimonos isn’t afraid to take risks with their designs to provide BJJ and MMA practitioners with unique, high-quality gear at reasonable prices.
“Given unlimited mat space, all grapplers thereon will nonetheless congregate in a very small confined space.” It might sound funny, but BJJ physics is dangerous. Here's how to avoid getting hurt.
Organizing a BJJ tournament is so much work, so why do people do it? I spoke with Dan of Marmac Athletics to find out what he does and why he keeps doing it.
It’s been about 6 months since the story broke that 2 male grapplers allegedly sexually assaulted their female teammate. What are we all doing to have a positive impact on our jiu jitsu world?