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Endurance exercise across generations could be responsible for our giant human brains and our success as a species. Take a look at the research that says running might have made our brains big.
A recent study showed that ultramarathon runners lost 6% of the gray matter in their brains by the time they completed their race. Are endurance sports bad for your brain health?
Over the last weekend I did my first triathlon. Overall it was a good training day, even though I didn't reach all my goals. Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement.
For cyclists, one key area to focus on when weight training to improve your performance is your hamstrings. Here are three exercises you need to be doing, and how to plan your workouts.
With the crash last week everything this week has all been about one thing – get the bike fixed. I've also been preparing for the first Australian RKC and my upcoming half Ironman.
Mud runs are one of the most popular new events out there. But do you know how to train for one? Here's the plan I give my clients who are getting ready for Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, and more.
After a week of travel and some calf trouble, I had another obstacle this week: a bike accident. I escaped with a few bruises - and a lot of gratitude for breakfalls.
Suddenly, out of the blue, my 'good' calf started tightening up today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't serious enough to derail my plans for my first triathlon next month.
Our first journal entry from mom, marathon runner, and busy New Yorker, Narisa Wild. Hurricane Sandy threw things for a loop, but Narisa still had enough iPad power to send us her journal entry.
I started running at age 45 and I've learned a lot. To help you pick your perfect first race, or your perfect next race, here are 8 important questions for you to ask yourself to ensure success.
For endurance athletes it is a fine balance between volume and intensity in their training. New research looks at helping cyclists increase their VO2 max with high intensity running intervals.
I love learning new things, particularly when they impact both my coaching and training. Here are some lessons I've learned during my Ironman training that I wouldn't have known otherwise.
It’s been a great week – positive news about my calf and the new bike getting here. Training has been great as well, with over twelve total hours for the week.
Ironman training starts next week, so I spent this week trying out my wetsuit and preparing my new bike. Also, an unexpected cure for my calf problems: lots of back bends. Who would have thought?
My body is feeling better, the weather is getting better, and my girlfriend bought me the most amazing Garmin watch. Life and training are good again.
I've got feet like a Hobbit. Consequently running a marathon never seemed like the thing for me. Then I made two discoveries - Pose method running and Newton shoes. And I ran a whole darn marathon.
If you read the title of the article and agreed, I regret to say you're absolutely wrong. It is crucial to kick smart if you are going to be efficient in your swims. Here's the why and how of kicking.