functional fitness

Good training is about managing variables. Not some of the variables, not just the ones you think are cool, but all of them. And it is completely possible you might be unaware of all of the variables.
Competition can be a double-edged sword, and is an often-criticized part of CrossFit. Much of this can be avoided by asking a few simple questions, and doing some appropriate goal setting.
This article is directed at those who can surf but do not have access to the surf every day. Here's how CrossFit can help you get the most out of your time in the water.
Constant variance does not mean pure randomness. Constant variation can become a "rut" too. Here's what you need to look for in a good CrossFit training program.
What I see kids get out of CrossFit kids class goes well beyond the physical. Sure they are safe from sports injuries, but they also have fun, camaraderie, and a big boost of self confidence.
Going back to bodyweight and perfecting gymnastics movement can translate to being a better all-around athlete. Here's what I learned at the CrossFit Gymnastics certification.
I don’t own a gym and I don’t want to own a gym. I have been doing CrossFit for four years and here are the things I think you should consider when shopping for a CrossFit gym in your area.
Is your fitness truly functional? It's easy to be comfortable in an indoor setting, but what happens if you take your fitness outdoors and actually apply it to real-world situations?
Most CrossFit clients are not athletes first. They’re parents, spouses, office workers, and law enforcement officers. If they get hurt, there can be far-reaching, life-changing consequences.
I love a good study that takes a shot at CrossFit without ever mentioning its name. In this case researchers looked at the workout "Linda" and the related effect on cortisol and lactic acid.
I didn't know the day I received that handwritten letter that it would lead to the transformation of many lives, including my own. It led me on a journey to bring CrossFit to men of an Italian prison.
Are you a current or prospective CrossFit coach? These 7 articles will help you get started, improve your coaching skills, and consider your approach to coaching clients at different levels.
For over a decade I battled with my body, trying to make it look how I wanted, how the women in the magazines did. Then one day I discovered the power of my body and finally called a truce.
If CrossFit wants to gain the respect of the rest of the fitness industry or keep its adherents safe and healthy, it is going to have to make a distinction between the sport and the training program.
Cleuton Nunes was determined to do CrossFit Open workout 13.2 as prescribed. Cleuton is also a double amputee, having lost his legs above the knees. Learn and watch how this man lets nothing stop him.
I believe that even professional athletes can benefit from doing CrossFit - it could make them better at their sport. Recently I met a world-class rower who feels the same and spoke with his coaches.
Kelley started her business sewing around the clock, even while coaching clients. Now she runs a global business focused on sponsoring athletes and giving to the community. All because of wrist wraps.