As the weeks wind down I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as training goes. My body finally seems to be healing and adjusting to the high training volume.
This week I ran the longest run that I will do before the Ironman. It went really well, but I'm still wondering how I'm going to manage 42km in just five short weeks.
This week was a recovery week. I also got my VO2 max tested, which was an intense but cool experience. The results were great and gave me a nice confidence boost for the Ironman race in 8 weeks.
Over the last weekend I did my first triathlon. Overall it was a good training day, even though I didn't reach all my goals. Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement.
When training goes right it goes right. Every now and then you get a little kick, a surge beyond what you expect. This has been that week - and it came just in time for my half ironman next weekend.
After seven weeks of nonstop work, I had one of the most miserable bike rides of my life - and learned an important lesson about riding in the snow.
With the crash last week everything this week has all been about one thing – get the bike fixed. I've also been preparing for the first Australian RKC and my upcoming half Ironman.
Suddenly, out of the blue, my 'good' calf started tightening up today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't serious enough to derail my plans for my first triathlon next month.
It’s easy to blow off training when life gets crazy, but the key to progress is consistency. Here's how I've planned to continue training despite upcoming workshops and travel to Korea.
One of the questions I am getting asked all the time is how can I stand the “boredom” of Ironman training. For me, the time goes by quickly because I'm so focused on the little details.
It’s been a great week – positive news about my calf and the new bike getting here. Training has been great as well, with over twelve total hours for the week.
Ironman training starts next week, so I spent this week trying out my wetsuit and preparing my new bike. Also, an unexpected cure for my calf problems: lots of back bends. Who would have thought?
My body is feeling better, the weather is getting better, and my girlfriend bought me the most amazing Garmin watch. Life and training are good again.
My calf once again is injured, but this time I went straight to the man who treats the Australian track and field team and I may have discovered a treatment that will work.
Last week I was sitting here feeling pleased with myself for another solid week of training. This week I’m off running for 2 more weeks because my OTHER calf has decided to play silly buggers.
This week I discovered, or rediscovered, that sleep actually is an important thing when training for Ironman. I did great up until Thursday, and then things just started getting rough.
I got bored on recovery week, so I researched what comes next after Ironman. I've found it - Epic Camp! 'Cause really, the hardest things we do in like also generate our most cherished memories.