As a coach, you likely have a multitude of plaques on your walls displaying a variety of certifications - but those do not make you a great coach. To be a great coach you must inspire me.
If you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you need to take ownership of your training. Take the initiative instead of asking your coach the same questions day in and day out.
Regardless of your politics, there's no disputing the incredible work ethic and success of Arnold. In this inspirational video he shares his insights on forging the life he imagined.
I have a felt a bit of guilt that what I want most is balance and happiness for my family. I am not the by-any-means-necessary athlete. But I am myself and I never have to compromise my character.
According to new research, clients are still motivated by their coaches even when they meet infrequently and don't actually do workouts. It's easier and less expensive, and still gets results.
This week get inspired with this compilation of amazing athletes and athletic achievements. We're inspired by the success of others, but how badly do you want success?
It’s not always easy or convenient to do our first choice in physical activity, so how can we motivate ourselves to get out there and exercise? Researchers came up with a list of habits that help.
I learned a brand new term this week: multiplier. Everyone has one, and knowing it and using it can make all the difference in your success. What is it? I'll explain what it is and how to apply it.
Motivation is a key contributor to success for both individual athletes and teams. Motivated athletes are critical to any coach’s success. But what is it and where does it come from?
Momentum, in sports, is a psychological concept - the roar of a crowd moves us, a referee's call throws us off. How do we recognize momentum and keep it from heading us the wrong way?
If Rosey Grier says it's okay to cry, then I don't feel so bad crying after BJJ or CrossFit training. Sometimes it really is okay to cry, so let's take a look at when and why it happens to all of us.
John Wooden is known as one of the best coaches, basketball or otherwise, in history. In this video Wooden explains the true meaning of success and how it has nothing to do with points.
Nobody knows how to inspire like Rocky Balboa. This speech from the classic film is a message that all of us need to hear from time to time. Take a moment to listen to Rocky's wise words.
Researchers used some tricky methods to determine how much motivation working with a partner - especially a partner who's always better than you - can provide in your aerobic workouts.
When the odds don't add up in your favor. When everyone is telling you the other team is destined to win, that you're not good enough, chance can step in and then it's game on.
Zen Gray is a longtime fitness coach, motivator, and comedienne. Now she's a newly expecting mom, as well. Find out what Zen was like when she was a little kid who just couldn't sit still.
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