This week's Friday Flick is a compilation of record-setting lifts by legendary powerlifter Ed Coan. Coan earned world titles in 4 different weight classes and is considered the best ever.
In reflecting on my performance last week and talking to other powerlifters, I've realized that squatting 700lbs was actually pretty good, considering the circumstances.
You've seen serious lifters wrap their knees before a back squat. What do these knee wraps actually do? Science takes a look and shows exactly how knee wraps help, or harm.
The big meet day came and it wasn't my torn adductor that took me out - it was a cold I came down with that morning that did me in. I still squatted over 700lbs, but my body just wasn't having it.
The back is a large muscle group that can't be neglected. For athletes, including powerlifters, doing the proper assistance work is vital. Here's how I keep my routine interesting and productive.
Even science has issues sometimes. It can be a good idea to look at new research with an analytical eye - case in point, a recent study on building strength with kettlebells versus weightlifting.
Week two of rehabbing my torn adductor. Still planning to compete on the 22nd. Diligently doing my rehab exercises and remembering how useful this type of work is.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week: training advice, building muscle for vegans, kettlebell swings, and more!
Read how the Kutin family balances setting world powerlifting records with the other aspects of family life - including maintaining a normal childhood and their Orthodox Jewish traditions.
Who holds the women's powerlifting world record for the 97-pound division raw squat? A 10-year-old named Naomi Kutin who squats almost 215lbs. Meet the Kutin family of powerlifters.
Training was going great and I set some personal records on squats...and then I pulled a hamstring. Now, my training has been severely hampered and I'm just trying to get it to loosen up.
900lb deadlifts and 1000lb squats - are you following this raw powerlifting training log yet?! Chris is pound-for-pound one of the strongest men on the planet.
Learn a little history about competitive strength sports while pondering the question - is it possible to train powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting at the same time? Can you be competitive at both?
I pronounced to the team that Wednesday was no longer “squat night” but “squat a s#%t-ton night.” Of course I was immediately asked what exactly a “s#%t-ton” was so I had to demonstrate
Elbow surgery seems inevitable, as it is now affecting all pressing movements and grip. Training continues, but a doctor consult is scheduled for next week.
What do you picture a "powerlifting meet" to look like? Does it include senior citizens, young women, and teens? Powerlifters aren't all big guys. Read up and check out this photo gallery for proof.
Chris can't straighten his elbows, but he can deadlift 805lbs four times. How exactly does that work? Well, Chris explains in the final video of this week's training journal.