Pushing your mental and physical limit is the only way to realise your greatest potential.
Follow this 12-week program and begin to master the basics of the kettlebell while developing stronger movement patterns.
Narrowing your training focus and mastering fundamental movements can lead to big progress.
Dr. John meshes high performance training with physical therapy to obtain the best results based on his athlete's goals, in an intelligently designed manner.
Even if you think you already know everything about programming, you'll learn something from this new book.
I don’t need to tell you how important it is to strength train. You know that already. You just need some strategies to make it happen.
A journey to big PBs isn't about the perfect program or expensive equipment - it's about consistency and effort.
No-one can tell you what works best, for you, right now, in a practical setting. See you under the bar.
As a box owner or an athlete, it is your responsibility to keep things constantly varied (and not random) to keep athletic progress moving.
Getting strong is about more than lifting big weights.
These people shouldn’t even be training others. This profession is about helping others, not helping yourself to their money.
Ditch the barbells and dumbbells for a few workouts to experience the unique challenges and benefits of sandbag training.
People wrongly believe that because the heaviest kettlebell you can commonly find is 48kg that they must be useless for gaining large chunks of meat.
The body will respond to anything you throw at it, but the kettlebell is a unique beast that requires high technique and low complexity.
My concern is that people only recognize cross patterning when it comes to ground-based activities.
Reps, sets, and percentages can guide your training goals, but they're not always accurate. Here's another option.
CrossFit can be full of expensive fads, but these five products are definitely not worth your hard-earned cash.