Sean Waxman Olympic Weightlifting Drills

This drill uses the vertical jump to build explosive power during the second pull of the snatch. It's also one of the first exercises taught in the Soviet system.
The final video in our series on the clean pull works on improving acceleration and technique during the extension portion of the clean.
This week begins a series of four videos to help with the clean pull. This week's drill builds strength during the initial part of the clean, using blocks to assist the pull.
Last week we learned the clean pull from blocks above the knee. This week we'll move the blocks a bit lower and continue to work on our extension.
This week's video uses blocks to work on the first part of the clean. You will execute this drill just like a regular clean, without getting under the bar.
The Ella Cross develops jerk mechanics. Do this drill with a partner to get feedback on your foot placement.
The heaving snatch balance improves mechanics for the top and bottom of the snatch and also develops the muscles in the calves and torso.
Learn proper technique for the wide stance good morning. This drill is good for the hamstrings and calves, as well as the spine and vertebral column.
The Romanian deadlift, or RDL, is an excellent exercise for strengthening the entire posterior chain. Here are few tips to make sure you do it right.
The Cannella Cross reinforces proper foot placement during the jerk. For this exercise you will need a piece of chalk and a training partner to give you some feedback.
The jerk balance reinforces the idea of stepping through during the jerk. Combine this exercise with the Canella Cross drill from last week.
The clean grip snatch improves extension mechanics, reinforces arm action when under the bar, and builds speed.
Today's drill, the jerk from behind the neck, minimizes stress on the torso muscles while also reinforcing jerk mechanics.
Need help with your snatch technique? This drill will reinforce foot placement and balance while also improving basic snatch mechanics.