Many of us internally rotate our arms all day long while we work. Sadly, this exact positioning is a set up for a shoulder impingement or rotator cuff or labrum tear down the road.
We all have busy lives, and as such sometimes spend too much time "resting." The truth is the choices we make and the time we spend sedentary is literally killing us - and our children.
Even as a yoga teacher, I sometimes find myself slumped over my chair at work. But good posture is good for our health, so it's a valuable habit to practice. Here are 6 poses that can improve posture.
How are the New Year resolutions going? Did you pick something too big or maybe need some baby-steps to get you to your goals? Here are 4 simple things you can change right now.
This little posture "hack" will help you maintain better body position while sitting at your computer. Just like you, I tend to slump down over time and it's very unhealthy.
Spend too many hours a day sitting at a desk or being inactive? These exercises will help you locate your butt muscles AND learn how to get them active and stronger.