strength and conditioning

I promise there will be no awkward hip thrusters.
Think that the only way to gain muscle mass is to lift heavy? Think again.
Struggling at the top of regular or weighted pull ups? Resistance - not assistance - will make you more explosive.
There aren't many kettlebell workouts around that are as gruesome as the Chain of Pain - but it works.
Efficiency is supreme in kettlebell sport. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We'll start by looking at the rack position in the jerk.
If you want serious performance, the pain cave has to become territory that you can dominate, not simply navigate.
Coaches can give cues, but the waiter’s walk provides direct feedback about stability and movement.
Using the correct technique with swings swings can redefine nearly every aspect of your strength, power, speed, and explosiveness.
Before spending loads of time on mobility and movement prep, ask yourself whether it's helping you move closer to your goals, and if it's producing optimal results.
There’s no such thing as a magic pill, but there are a few supplements that can help you increase your performance.
The development of strength is just one part of the puzzle in making a complete fighter, martial artist, or professional athlete.
These unique, minimalist exercises will help you develop full-body strength and power.
The short explanation of PTP is that if you lift something heavy, you will be able to lift more for a five- or six-rep set afterwards.
There has been much back-and-forth debate on whether the setup for deadlift and clean are different. The truth is, they are.
A well-balanced training program combines progressive weight with progressive skill.
Squats should be working your legs and glutes. But when your grip is too wide, they don't do that any more.
Do these things, in this order, and you’ll see immediate improvements in how much weight you can lift.