strength and conditioning

This old time strongman exercise is great to work in before or after any two-hand deadlifting sessions.
Hormones have an unimaginable number of responsibilities, but this conversation is going to focus on their roles in building muscle mass.
Here's a look at where Olympic weightlifting has been and where it is going - from the perspective of an old-timer.
A little bit of rowing goes a long way. Add in a row variation for three sets in the 8-12 rep range to see a boost in your performance and functionality.
Before you get all elite, you might need to dial back to the fundamentals that exist in and outside the gym.
By using advanced training methods, you can achieve both the addition of lean muscle and the reduction of body fat without breaking down your body.
Try as you might, your squat is stuck. And it has been for a while. Let's look at the underlying causes to fix the problem.
Let’s have a look at some common mistakes in approach and preparation for strongman competitions.
The following program is a sample of one week’s training designed to practice girevoy sport training.
Even if you think you already know everything about programming, you'll learn something from this new book.
Just because you're over forty doesn't mean you can't still train hard. But you will need to make a few adjustments.
These drills can be done almost anywhere and at any time to prepare the body for physical battle.
Sled training improves conditioning and is great for athlete-specific programming. And it's a lot of fun.
Ditch the barbells and dumbbells for a few workouts to experience the unique challenges and benefits of sandbag training.
The body will respond to anything you throw at it, but the kettlebell is a unique beast that requires high technique and low complexity.
Focus on movement, remember to schedule playtime, and don't be afraid to occasionally fail - these are some of the keys to strength gain success.
Training can help us discover our inner strengths, cope with adversity, and use these strengths for greater purpose.