New research shows that muscle strength and rate of force development were lower in athletes after sessions of static stretching. Static stretching might not be so good before your workout.
Should you do dynamic stretches or static stretches? Is one better before your workout and one better after? Why is stretching so complicated? Let's look at the science and simplify things.
The 1st in a 3 part series, "Yoga For Athletic Guys." In part 1 we go over the basic ideas behind yoga and breathing techniques. Useful techniques for both health and relaxation.
It's an age-old debate: dynamic stretching versus static stretching. New research examines jumping ability in female soccer and rugby players after both types of stretching.
It is absolutely NOT true that yoga and running can't be done together. In fact they complement each other. Read for a list of 25 poses plus one video on stretches that are good for runners.
The question you need to ask yourself is what is important to you – looking tough right now, but ignoring those little aches and pains, or being fit forever?
Why has flexibility and stretching become such a complicated issue? Recent research has explored whether a strength (resistance) training program is sufficient by itself to increase joint flexibility.
Stretching - Should you do it before or after a workout? Should it be dynamic stretching or static stretching? Specifically, what should you do before performing sprint intervals?
As a fitness coach I am constantly talking to my clients about the importance of stretching and working on mobility. Here are my favorite tools for increasing mobility and flexibility.