Workout Kettlebell Cycle 1

Get a mixture of strength, cardio, mobility, and flexibility with these exclusive workouts from RKC II Dini Leopoldo.
Kettlebells have an amazing ability to work your core - in unexpected ways. See for yourself in this workout!
Planks, swings, squats, cleans, presses, and more to get your day going RKC kettlebell style!
Want to see what it means to train like the RKC? Do today's workout - swings, get ups, rows, and deadlifts!
Welcome to our brand new daily workout - the RKC Kettlebell WOD from RKCII Instructor Dini Leopoldo.
Get in on our very first week of RKC Kettlebell workouts from coach Dini Leopoldo!
Welcome to our brand new RKC Kettlebell Workout of the Day! Join us for a combination of swings, core exercises, strength work and flexibility work from RKC Instructor Dini Leopoldo.