The three exercises in this video are designed to improve posture by reducing rotation and neutralising the pelvis.
A common myth is that running is bad for your joints because it is high impact and leads to joint wear and tear.
Jill discusses good pain versus bad pain, breaks myths about fascia, and explains how you can do too much rolling, plus much more.
The hanging ninety-ninety stretch is a great way to incorporate shoulder rehab in your daily training.
Commonly used mobility techniques are too short and intense to allow for changes in the thoracic portion of the spine.
Increase flexibility, lessen stiffness, and improve ROM with these daily exercises for achy shoulders.
To reduce shoulder pain, especially in the overhead press, stretch the surrounding areas.
You might think you know the kneeling groin stretch, but with a little tweaking, you can take it to a whole new level.
Feeling tight in the squat? Hit a plateau? Shore up your basic squat positions with this drill.
It is important to not just treat the site of the pain, but to identify and address the underlying cause.
Perform this stretch regularly on both shoulders to fight stiffness and ward off injuries.
We are moving down to the lower extremity and eliminating ankle restrictions and dysfunctional knee alignment
Back, shoulder, and knee pain can all be caused by hip alignment issues.
Don't let a lack of wrist and forearm mobility stunt your front squat.
Having a limited range of motion can lead to inefficient lifts, but don't fret - there is always a fix.
These four mobility sequences can be used as a warm up, a cool down, or a break from work.
Looking to improve your posture? Week one of this four-part series will help you on your way.