Want to Get Stronger? Here’s a Year of Free Strongman Workouts

Whether you want to train for a strongman event or get better at flipping tires and throwing stones, you can easily do so with these workouts.

Feats of strength have been the subject of human admiration since the dawn of time. Long before there were deadlift numbers and clean and jerk records, there was that other kind of strength – the strength that was immortalized in epics and legends, like Hercules shouldering the Erymanthian boar.

The world isn’t quite as exciting now as it was back then. We haven’t seen any hydra around our parts, but maybe that’s just us. But amazing feats of strength are still performed and admired by people everywhere. And even though we may not be able to shoulder mythical boars and Cretan bulls, we can still have fun with yokes, cars, and giant tires.

Strongman Workouts for Everyone

If that kind of strength appeals to you, you don’t want to miss our Strongman workouts designed by strength coach Chet Morjaria (pictured below). Chet is the founder of Strength Education, a community intended to help everyone discover their inner strong man or woman. His approach to strength training combines strength and skill work based on Olympic weightlifting, strongman, and powerlifting principles.

The Strongman workouts are designed for people who are training for a strongman event, but they’re also fitting for anyone who just wants to get stronger. Chet has already written five cycles of workouts, which run in twelve-week cycles. That’s enough to keep you busy for over a year, so get started today. And if you’ve already been following along, jump in on Cycle Six!

Click the Cycle Names Below to See Each Program

Strongman Cycle One

This is a twelve-week strongman and strength training cycle, designed to build you up to a competition at the end of the twelve weeks and get you stronger across the board.

Strongman Cycle Two

This is a twelve-week strength and strongman training cycle, designed to prepare you for any type of strongman competition and increase both max weight and max reps.

Strongman Cycle Three

This cycle of strongman workouts builds on the work we did in cycle two to bring your competition performance or strength levels to the next level.

Strongman Cycle Four

The fourth cycle of Strongman workouts is for anyone who wants to get stronger, prepare for a strongman event, or integrate strongman into regular training.

Strongman Cycle Five

Follow this cycle of Strongman workouts to improve explosive strength and increase your max lifts.

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