Wax and Wane: Get In Sync With the Moon and Seasons

Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water, and since our bodies are mostly water and the lunar cycles pull on water, you can see how this has an influence on our state of mind.

On June 23rd we had what some people call a “super full moon.” This full moon was the closest to the earth of the full moons in 2013. This occurred two days after the Summer Solstice. If you have been feeling on edge or scattered you may be feeling the effects of the change of seasons and the full moon. In yoga it is believed that when we tune into the seasons and lunar cycles we create more harmony in our lives. Who doesn’t want more harmony?

Any surfer knows the lunar cycles affect the tides of the ocean. If there is a swell at the full moon the surf it huge! Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water, and since our bodies are mostly water and the lunar cycles pull on water, you can see how this has an influence on our state of mind. If our plates are too full or we are under emotional distress at the full moon we can feel agitated or uneasy.

Summer is the most energetic time of the year. This has a lot to do with the big ball of fire up in the sky. The warmer days and increased sunlight give us an extra energy boost. However if we are not focused on where we’d like to send the energy, it may be scattered in all directions, especially at the full moon.

You may be wondering why I’m writing about the seasons and the full moon. And you may be thinking this is all hippie talk, but I assure you if you apply the following principles in your life you will feel a positive difference. Just keep an open mind and start to notice your energy level and emotional state at the full moon and change of seasons.

When the moon is full it can no longer expand. Therefore it must shed and become smaller until there is no moon at all – the new moon. I’ve noticed when my schedule is overbooked and I’m not allowing enough time for me the full moon can make me feel overwhelmed. Much more than if my schedule is just as full at new moon.

Full Moon

To sync up with the lunar cycles it is important to complete projects at the full moon, clean out email boxes, finish everything on the to do list, and clean out your closets. When working out around the full moon it is good to sweat, detoxify, and do lots of hip-opening stretches. I like to avoid inversions and deep backbends at the full moon as it can jolt the nervous system too much.

New Moon

During the new moon you are presented with a blank slate. You’ve completed projects at the full moon, and therefore the new moon is a great time to start new projects. Set intentions and write down your detailed goals. Your yoga practice should consist of poses that energize and open the body. Backbends, core strengthening, and inversions are great to incorporate at the new moon.

The Seasons

lunar cycles, yoga lunar cycles, moon cycle, yoga and moon, yoga and seasonsMost likely you innately understand how the seasons impact you and your energy level. As mentioned above, summer is an energetic time. If you can focus this energy on a specific goal anything is possible. Winter is a time of hibernation and reflecting upon what seeds of intention you want to plant in the spring. Your energy is more limited, so use it wisely. Spring is the time to come out of your cave and plant your seeds.

At the new moon closest to the spring equinox write down your detailed goals for the next six months. At the fall equinox, which is often referred to as the final harvest, watch as your intentions come to fruition.

I wish I could give you a reading resource for all of this information, but it is intuitive knowledge that has come through my practice over the years. Susan Miller from Astrology Zone touches on some of this information and she is a wealth of information.

Don’t think because the super moon has passed that there’s nothing to do. We can feel effects up to three days before and after the full moon. Start cleaning those email folders and detoxifying your body! Shed old layers and sweat!

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