Why This Woman Is the Fittest One of All

Becca Voigt has earned the right to be considered one of the best CrossFit athletes of all time.

Becca Voigt has been CrossFitting since, I think, 2008. I started around 2009. I saw her at the first Regional competition that year when there were no qualifiers and you could just sign up to take part. At that time, eight athletes out of the men and the women made it to the CrossFit Games. Becca qualified that year and has every single year since. When it comes to consistency, CrossFit athlete Becca Voigt is just amazing. I got to visit her at her gym, CrossFit Training Yard, and talk to her about her training and try to find out what makes her tick because Becca Voigt is probably the fittest woman on the planet.

Sure, she didn’t qualify this year in the open division – I know that’s a big letdown for her – but she’s still going to be going to her tenth straight CrossFit Games as a Masters athlete in the 35-39 year old division. That’s still a hell of a feat considering that puts her in the top one percent to qualify for the CrossFit games in that division.

At the end of the day, she’s still going to her tenth CrossFit Games in a row. It just says everything about her longevity. Longevity in CrossFit is a big deal. It is increasingly becoming solely a young athlete’s sport. To be able to go and compete at such a high level for so long, proves that you are one of the fittest athletes in the world.

It also doesn’t mean Becca is not going to make it to the CrossFit games again in the open division next year or the year after that. Val Vobril just qualified at 38, so Becca’s still got a hell of a chance to qualify again in the open division.

We can crown the Thorisdottirs and all the Icelandic girls and say they’re the fittest in the world and they rightfully earned that title for that year. But where are they consistently? Look at another girl, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet, who is going to her eighth CrossFit Games. For Becca, it’s incredible to be at such a level within the sport. She started when CrossFit started in infancy and qualified for the CrossFit Games every year, and all it’s gotten is harder and harder to do so. That shows that she’s able to maintain her body, she’s able to maintain her nutrition to a certain point, and she’s able to be successful year in, year out.

And she’s placed on the podium; everyone forgets that Becca has been on that podium at the CrossFit Games as well. She’s in the hunt every year. Becca has had an amazing run, and I still think she’s going to continue to do so. A lot of that I think has to do with the fact that she’s just one of the best competitors I’ve ever seen. She understands what she’s doing, every single workout, and she executes her game plans perfectly.

She might say differently, especially after this last regional because it didn’t go her way. But, she still got in the top ten and she was very much in the hunt to make the games all the way into the final heat. She was right there the whole time just as expected every year for the last decade. Yeah, it didn’t work out, however, I truly believe Becca Voigt will be at the CrossFit Games again in the open division again.

Let’s also talk about the fact that Becca, one of the best competitors in CrossFit, is now going to be taking on the Masters at this year’s CrossFit Games. So, I would automatically put her in the running to win the 35-39 year old division or definitely take a podium spot.

She has more experience than all the other women there, she understands how to manage the competition and how to handle her body, and she’s best in a regional format type of CrossFit event. Based on the last several CrossFit Games for the Master’s divisions, Becca Voigt is designed to stand on the podium at the end of the games. She’s awesome and, as you can tell, I’m a huge fan of hers. So, it was an incredible opportunity talking to her and I can’t wait to watch her at the Games this year.

If you want to learn and train with Becca Voigt personally and cannot make it to her gym, she will be a coach at the VCF Training Camp June 16-17, 2017.

This is the video of my conversation with Becca:

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