Women’s Workout: Cycle 3, Week 7, Day 2

This cycle of the Women’s WOD will focus on working through progressions to build in executing the kettlebell snatch, as well as strength and conditioning.

A1. 3x Max Handstand Hold at the Wall

A2. 3x 30 Seconds of Hollow Rocks

(Alternate between A1 and A2 (no rest between efforts)


4 Rounds

30 Seconds of Kettlebell Overhead Waiter’s Walk Left Arm

30 Seconds of Kettlebell Overhead Waiter’s Walk Right Arm

1 Minute Kettlebell Swing

Rest 20 Seconds


3X5 Wide Legged Seated Kettlebell Press

3X5 Kettlebell Pullover Sit Up


Awake and Evolve

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