Awake & Evolve: Cycle 3 - Yin Yoga Focus

Mindith Rahmat


Women's Fitness, Yoga, Natural Movement, Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebells

Yogi's Tip
The goal of a yin yoga practice is to stretch the body's deep connective tissues, ligaments, and fascia. This style of practice uses long holds in poses to increase joint flexibility and mobility. Use a stopwatch or timer. Enjoy!



Dragon Pose

Begin on your hands and knees. Step your right foot forward and up between your hands as you release your left knee back on to the floor.


Find a comfortable place where you can still feel a deep stretch in the front of the thigh and groin.


Release your left thigh down towards the floor. Come down onto the elbows if you find that to be a more comfortable position.


Stay in the pose for 3-5 minutes and repeat on the other side.


Benefits of Dragon Pose

  • Stimulates the stomach and spleen meridians as well as the kidney and liver meridians. 
  • Increases flexibility and mobility in the hips, psoas, quadriceps, and groin.
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