Day 2/3, Week 2: The Handstand Builder For Women

Plenty of hard work today with TGUs and a nice chipper.

Day 1 of 3: Week 2


2×5 Turkish Get Ups (on each arm, resting as needed)


For Time:

50 Box Jumps
50 Jumping Pull Ups
50 KB Swings
50 Walking Lunges
50 Knees to Elbows


Pigeon Pose Focus


Start on your back in a comfortable position for 3-5 minutes centering yourself with your breath.

Pigeon Pose
Start by extending your left leg back behind you on your mat. Begin to heel toe the right foot over and find a single legged pigeon pose. Your back left leg should extend straight out of the hip behind you and rotate slightly inward. Using your breath inhale and exhale as you drape your body over the right leg coming up on the inhale and folding over on the exhale. Stay with the first stage of the pigeon pose for at least 2-3 minutes.