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Mindith Rahmat


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These workouts are designed by Breaking Muscle founder Mindith Rahmat. Mindith is an RYT 500 Certified Yoga Therapist, certified CrossFit coach, and long time fitness enthusiast with extensive experience in Russian kettlebells and bodyweight exercise.


This cycle of the bodyweight workout will focus on holds, strength, and flexibility using arm balances, inversions, and deep flexibility work. You will be able to measure your progress with three attempts at a baseline test in weeks 1, 6, and 12.


You will need two blocks or paralettes, a ruler or tape measure, a stopwatch, a wall space and a yoga strap or belt.



Week 10, Day 1

5 Rounds:
3x Down Dog to Updog Stretch
10 x Squat Jumps
10 x Hindu Push Ups
10 x Superman
10 x Deck Squats
10 x Spiderman Push Ups
10 x Inchworm
10 x 1 Leg Deadlift *(on each leg)
10 x Burpee


5x Wall Walkout to Bridge


1 Minute Each
Crow Pose *5 slow Breaths or a few attempts
Center Splits


Handstand Kickups to Hold or Max Hold
Boat Pose *5 breaths to L-sit on Blocks or Paralettes *5 breaths
Seated Forward Fold


Day 2

4 Rounds of Each Set (Rest 2 Minutes Between Sets):


15 Alternating Back Lunges
15 Push-ups
15 Mountain Climbers
15 Push-Ups


10Alternating Side Lunges
10 Dive Bombers
15 Mountain Climbers
10 Dive Bombers


5 Pistols
5 Handstand Push-ups or Handstand Hold 1 minute
15 Mountain Climbers
5 Handstand Push-ups or Handstand Hold 1 minute



1 Minute Each
Wall Splits to Each Side
Forward Bend 30 Seconds
Hamstring Stretch on Each Leg


30 Seconds *of Accumulated Time
Tuck Hold on Blocks or Paralettes


Day 3

5x30 Seconds of Scorpions
5x30 Seconds of Mountain Climbers


3 x 1 Minute Rounds:
Squat to Lunge Alternating Legs
Side Plank to Push Up
Abdominal Around the Worlds


Split Squat on both sides
Diamond Push Up
Dragon Flags


1 Minute Each
Forward Bend


1 Minute Each
Child’s Pose
Frog Pose


Max L-sit


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