Kettlebell Workout: Cycle 11, Week 3

Dini Leopoldo


Ventura, California, United States



Welcome to the Kettlebell workout from coach Dini Leopoldo. Two new workouts are posted each week and can be done on any day you have available. Make sure you warm up adequately before starting any of these workouts!


Week 3, Day 1

Joint mobility/Primal Move



2x15 hand-to-hand swings
2x10 push ups
2x5 bodyweight lunges, per side


3x10 biceps curls
3x10 triceps extensions
3x5 back lunges with rotation, per side


3x12 burpees
3x12 push press
3x12 squats with shoulder rows
3x12 pullover crunches


5x30 seconds double kettlebell farmer's walk
5x20 crunches





Week 3, Day 2

Joint mobility/Primal Move


3x2 bodyweight Turkish get ups
3x10 push press


5 min Turkish get ups, alternating sides




3x25 jump squats
3x20 swings
3x15 push ups
3x10 burpees
3x5 pull ups


4x10 good morning stretch


3x20 seconds bicycles
3x20 seconds high planks










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