Love To Lift Challenge - Day 100 Of 100

Bob Takano


Woodland Hills, California, United States

Olympic Weightlifting

  • Start at Day 1 if this is your first introduction to the program
  • If you want to compete or have the required skills and training, you can sign up to follow my own personal cadre of competitive athletes' weightlifting intermediate and advance training programs which post every week.
  • As for terminology, it is simple: (X/3)4 means do one lift 3 times for 4 sets. For a clean and push press, you may see (X/2+1)4, which means do 2 cleans then 1 push press as your set and perform for 4 sets

Day 100 of 100

1)Hang Snatch: (X/3)4
2)Hang Clean: (X/3)4
3)Jerk: (X/3)4
4)Back Squat/Vertical Jump: (X/4, 0/3)5


Love To Lift Challenge - Day 100 Of 100 - Workouts, olympic weightlifting, snatch, clean and jerk, Skill Building, Love to Lift Challenge

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