Love to Lift Challenge - Day 8 of 100

Bob Takano


Woodland Hills, California, United States

Olympic Weightlifting

You have to love weightlifting. It is as much art as it is science and sport. These workouts are designed to encourage your growth as a lifter and should be performed with excellence in movement in mind and not the weight on the bar. Stick with it for a 100 days of workouts and see how you feel.


For those of you who want to compete or have the requisite skills and training, you can sign up to follow my own personal cadre of competitive athletes' weightlifting intermediate and advance training programs which post every week.


The terminology is simple: (X/3)4 means do one lift 3 times for 4 sets. For a clean and push press, you may see (X/2+1)4, which means do 2 cleans then 1 push press as your set and perform for 4 sets


Day 8 of 100

For the pull-ups, try and do 5 unbroken, if not then do up to 5. Focus on engaging your back muscles and staying strict.


Front Squat: (X/3)4
Pull-ups: (0/5)4
Prone Sprints: X6


Love to Lift Challenge - Day 8 of 100 - Workouts, olympic weightlifting, snatch, clean and jerk, Skill Building, Love to Lift Challenge

Vintage weightlifting photography courtesy of Bruce Klemens



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