Mommy Workout: First Trimester - Week 10, Day 3

Nicole Crawford


Women's Fitness, Family and Kids, Yoga


Week 10, Day 3:


Sit in Easy Pose and center yourself for a few minutes, breathing deeply with your hand on your belly. From here, move onto your belly for Sphinx Pose, to gently stretch your back. Do not overextend in this pose. Breathe here for about one minute.


From here, move into Plank Pose. If this is too intense, feel free to come down onto your knees for some relief. Stay in Plank Pose for 5 deep breaths, then flow into Downward Facing Dog. Stay here for 5 more deep breaths, then come down into a Low Lunge. Stay in the lunge with your arms extended up or to the side for 5 more breaths.


Flow into Half Moon Pose by standing on both feet. As you slowly lower your right arm to the ground, extend your left leg out to the side, with your toes facing forward. Look up towards your right hand and breathe deeply for 5 breaths.


Move into a Standing Half Forward Bend for 3 deep breaths, then come down into Cat Cow Pose. Rock gently without overarching the spine for about a minute. From here, relax in Child’s Pose as long as you like, then repeat the entire sequence, doing Half Moon Pose on the left this time around.

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