Mommy Workout: Postpartum Cycle - Week 5, Day 3

Nicole Crawford


Women's Fitness, Family and Kids, Yoga

This 12-week cycle of workouts is intended for women who have recently had a baby and have clearance from their doctor to start exercising again. Usually women receive the green light to exercise about four to six weeks after delivery, but your specific time frame may be longer or shorter.


The primary goal of this cycle is to build core strength and stability and recondition your body after the recovery period. To achieve this goal, you will alternate bodyweight exercises, walking or other cardio intervals, and kettlebell workouts. We will also work on improving mobility and flexibility with simple movements like crawling, squatting, and stretching. Finally, the workouts will include a meditation and yoga component to ease stress and aid recovery.



Week 5, Day 3


A. Kettlebell Circuit #2

4 Rounds:

Good Morning x 15

One Legged Deadlift x 10

Thruster x 10 R/L

Kettlebell Swing x 10


B. Awake and Evolve

Deep Hip Flow



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