Strength & Conditioning - Andy Petranek: Week 1, Day 1

Andy Petranek


Los Angeles, California, United States

CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning

Today's workout is the 1st workout in 3 weeks of programming from a former Redbull athlete and professional adventure racer -- founder of CrossFit LA, Andy Petranek.


4 new workouts are posted each week, starting on Monday, and can be done on any day.



12-9-6-3-6-9-12 rep rounds, for time:


Pull Ups

200m Run (between each round of thrusters and pull ups)


i.e. 12 thrusters, 12 pull ups, 200m run, 9 thrusters, 9 pull ups, 200m run, etc.


Suggested Weights:

Men 45-95#

Women 25-65#


Post your time in the comments.

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