Author: Andy Petranek

Andy Petranek is the owner and founder of CrossFit Los Angeles, one of the oldest and most successful CrossFit affiliates. Before finding CrossFit, Andy was an officer in the Marine Corps and an accomplished professional endurance athlete, having competed in three Eco Challenge races, cycled across Costa Rica, and participated in adventure races for five seasons as a Redbull Athlete. While the workouts might seem random, there is actually a system to Andy’s method of training general physical preparedness. Andy does not write his workouts for a specialized athlete, but rather for a student looking to get better at a lot of things. “I’ll sit down to write a three week cycle and I’ll try to make that be a complete balanced program in three weeks. I look at the whole picture and think, if this were a complete cycle someone was going through, do they hit as many of the ten fundamental skills and does it give balance in all the metabolic pathways? And then, is it fun, and are the lengths of the workouts variable? I look for balance in that three week cycle.” To learn more about Andy, read our three part interview series: Part 1 – "Andy the Competitor" Part 2 – "Discovering CrossFit" Part 3 – "The Coach"

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