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Kevin Kearns


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Kevin Kearns knows what it means to train like a fighter - he has trained UFC fighters like Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, and Marcus Davis for a living for many years. Now you can get a chance at these hardcore workouts, that also happen to be a lot of fun.


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Workout 4: "Leg Fryer"


There is no question in my mind that the first thing to go on a fighter or any other athlete is their legs. When the legs go it all falls apart. Their balance will fade. The cardio output will drop. Then mental fatigue sets in.


To break through that mental barrier, there are certain ways to prepare the legs for the tough rounds ahead. This circuit is known as a bias circuit, which I learned from one of the great coaches, Vern Gambetta. He called it “Super Legs.” We changed it around to be a BOSU leg fryer with an MMA twist on it. We really enjoy using the BOSU because it adds a balance factor to the mix. Instability training is of large benefit for MMA athletes.


The drills are easy and effective for MMA and the cost is reasonable. As your legs become fatigued, you will notice your balance will have to be that much more accurate. This is a simple series that has a lot of hidden benefits to it.


1. Alternating step-ups on the BOSU: Start with pushing off one foot as you launch yourself upward. 30 seconds on. 

Pro tip: Put everything into the BOSU not the ground.

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2. Front to back jumps: Jump and stick the landing on the BOSU forward and then jump backward. 30 seconds on.

Pro tip: Make sure to jump high enough on the back jump.


3. Star drill: This is a 4-way drill where you jump forward, back, and side to side. This can be a real killer. 1 minute.

Pro tip: Control your landing as you hit the BOSU every time.


4. Explosive pop ups: A simple drill that is basically a power jump and land on the BOSU. 1 minute.

Pro tip: Control the landing off the BOSU.


Try this workout for rounds, especially after sparring.


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