Strength & Conditioning: Mike Eves - Week 1, Day 1

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EDITOR'S NOTE: These workouts are written by IKFF-certified trainer Mike Eves. Mike's approach to fitness emphasizes whole-body training with functional exercises, using kettlebells, Indian clubs, and bodyweight movements..


Fitness doesn’t just happen; you have to make it happen. The truth is that you can train anywhere, be it in that cold garage or the great outdoors. Most bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, push ups, sprawls, or burpees can be done anywhere, anytime. The only thing that really matters is that you consistently strive to improve. Once you commit yourself to doing that, everything else is a done deal.



I’m a great believer in training every day. The human body is not supposed to be sedative. Have a daily ritual of exercise that will turn into habits to constantly drive you forward. A word of caution, however - doing high intensity and strength workouts everyday will cause you to break down. Restoration is a key factor of fitness, so on lower intensity days perform yoga, Indian clubs, bodyweight exercises, and mobility. Let’s get started.


For exercise descriptions read my article, Mike Eves’ Whole Body Fitness Plan.


Week 1 – Kettlebells and Bodyweight Training

There are hundreds of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises, but that does not mean you should do them all. Too much variety creates an illusion of progress. Instead, concentrate on the most comprehensive and fundamental exercises.


Most of your training should be about practice. Aim to be proficient at the exercises and perfect them (this could take years) by turning them into an art form. By training this way you encompass a focus component by integrating the mind and body. If you train movements, not muscles, the mind and body will thrive.


The key kettlebell exercises that we will introduce to the plan over the coming weeks are the single arm swing, the clean, the press, the clean and press, the long cycle, the snatch, and some supplementary exercises like renegade rows, Turkish get ups, and windmills. We’ll also throw in (quite literally) some kettlebell juggling for a bit of fun, too.




Week 1, Day 1: Kettlebell and Bodyweight Conditioning Circuit

Fatigue is not an excuse to use poor form and the goal of this training is not a search for muscle soreness or exhaustion. The goal is an improvement in technique.



Alternate between the following pair for 12 minutes:


  • Kettlebell single arm swing right x 20
  • Kettlebell single arm swing left x 20
  • Hindu push-ups x 10


Recover then. Alternate between the following pair for 6 minutes:


  • Kettlebell press right x 10
  • Kettlebell press left x 10
  • Hindu squats x 20



3 minutes alternating kettlebell swings



Pick 3 to 4 yoga poses and complete 3 rounds of holds. Examples could be Supine Bridge, Up Dog, Down Dog, Side Warrior etc.


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