Strength & Conditioning - Mike Mahler: Week 1, Day 2

Mike Mahler


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These exclusive workouts are written by strength coach and kettlebell expert Mike Mahler. Mike has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry and has trained with some of the best, including Pavel Tsatsouline and Mark Philippi. Get stronger and improve your conditioning by either following the whole four-week cycle or jumping in whenever you can.


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Week 1, Day 2


Sledgehammer Tire Strikes: 1x20

Double Kettlebell Swings: Outside the knees, 1x12

Hindu Squats: 1x25 (Sprint style: reps as fast as possible with good form.) 


Wearing a 40lb vest while doing the above makes it even more brutal! No rest in between each exercise and take 60-90 seconds in between each round. 10 rounds is a good goal to work up to. 5 rounds is a good option the first time you try the workout.

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