Strength & Conditioning: Sally Moss, Week 4, Day 2

The goal of this program is to increase whole-body strength and power, as measured by 1RM in deadlift, power clean, and bench press.

EDITOR’S NOTE: These workouts are designed by competitive weightlifter, powerlifter, and strength coach Sally Moss. Sally’s goal is to make strength training simple for everyone, and these workouts accomplish that mission. You can learn more about Sally at her website, Strength Ambassadors.

Week 4, Day 2

A. Power clean drills: 3 sets x 5 reps

B. Power clean: 4 sets x 2 reps

Rest 1-2 mins

C. Normal grip deadlift @ 75% max: 4 sets x 2 reps

Rest 2-3 mins

D. Push ups: 3 sets of 5 reps

Rest 2 mins

E1 Facepulls with external rotation: 2 sets x 8 reps

Rest 1-2 mins

E2 Abs: 2 sets x 8 reps

Rest 1-2 mins