The 21-Day Kettlebell Challenge: Day 13

Lauren Brooks


Encinitas, California, United States

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Every day I am posting the challenge and adding general training tips and motivational advice. If you're just learning about the challenge, you can go back to Day 1 and feel free to join in any time.


Kettlebell Choice: You can either do this challenge as 1-arm kettlebell snatches or swings. It's up to you which you prefer, the snatch is the more challenging exercise. Therefore, choose a weight that feels comfortable for you and remember, at the end of this challenge, you will be hitting a 100 reps.


Beginners: Take your time. Set your kettlebell down after each set.


Intermediate/Advanced: You can try and complete all reps to get to the total number without setting the bell down following the suggested rep scheme to switch arms.


Share Your Experience: I have a Fitness Challenge Group on Facebook, feel free to join, post your progress and share your photos, videos, and experiences with the community. Also, you can use the hashtag #thesnatchchallenge on social media and we'll see you, too. Enjoy the challenge, and have some fun.

Day 13 of 21

Rest Day


Today is a good day to work on building your skills, training on technique or, taking a spa day. 


I decided to give myself a personal challenge to do a full set of 10 pull ups each as well as this challenge.


This is my first time attempting a mixed grip, with a change in the air and finishing the other half without stopping. The other half was brutal as you can tell because switching grips I almost lost my grip and ran out of some needed energy to complete my challenge.


Nevertheless, I achieved my 10 neck to the bar pull ups even though it wasn't easy. Luckily I still managed to keep my traps and neck from tensing at all. At this point it was mind over matter. Your mind controls so much more than you think! This proved it to me!





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