Yoga Sequences, Cycle 5 - Yoga for Travel, Week 5

Mindith Rahmat


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Yoga Sequences for Travel will help support you before, during, and after your travels. Whether you are driving or flying, these sequences with help with digestion, circulation, jet lag, and recovery. The Travel yoga sequences with be programmed three days per week; two yoga classes and one meditation practice.




Week 5, Day 1

Pre-Travel Yoga Sequence for Digestion (Preparing for Long Car Ride)


Seated Twist to Right and Left
Seated Forward Bend
Seated Quick Spinal Twists/Rotations with arms at shoulder height
3x Downward Dog to Lunge Right and Left *5 breaths
Pigeon Pose Right Side with Twist
3x Downward Dog to Lunge Right and Left *5 breaths
Pigeon Pose Left Side with Twist
Yogi Squat
Head to Knee Pose Right Side
Head to Knee Pose Left Side
Plow Pose


Week 5, Day 2

Post-Travel Yoga Sequence for Digestion and Circulation (After a Long Car Ride)


Standing Mountain Pose
Standing Shoulder Opener
Standing Wide Legged Forward Bend with Relaxed Arms
10x Spinal Rolls
Yogi Squat with Twist to Right and Left
Standing Side Bend to Right
10x Spinal Rotations
Standing Side Bend to Left
Standing Neck Release
10x Shoulder Circles
10x Hip Circles
10x Knee Circles
10x Squat to Spinal Roll Up
Yogi Squat with Twist to Right and Left 5 breath each side *option to bind


Week 5, Day 3

yoga, wellness, meditation, mind body, crossfit, breath, mood, mind body

The thought manifests as word;
The word manifests as deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and its ways with care,
And let it spring from love
Born out of concern for all beings.


Take a few moments to quiet the mind and prepare for a meditation practice.


Today we will go deeper in the mind and become aware of our negative habits, their influence on our health and wellbeing.


Count 10-15 long slow deep breaths.


Ask yourself what negative habits you might have manifested in your life?



Stay here with this question as you continue to relax your breath pattern.


Are these habits damaging to your relationships, health, and wellbeing?


How might others in your inner circle of family and friends be impacted by these habits? 


How would you feel if you could eliminate these negative habits?


Continue working with these thoughts as you deepen the breath.


Count 10-15 long slow deep breaths.


Take 5 minutes to list the habits you wish to work through and eliminate by priority. List 3-5 potential positive outcomes for each listed habit that would occur if you eliminated these habits.


These lists will be helpful for our practice next Sunday, which will focus on implementing changes in our negative habits.

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