Yoga Sequences, Cycle 1 – Vinyasa Flow: Week 7, Day 3

Welcome to the new Awake & Evolve vinyasa yoga sequences. These yoga flows are intended to provide a blueprint for teachers and students of yoga.

Welcome to the new Yoga sequence workout. Here you will find different cycles and sequences programmed by an expert yoga teacher. These yoga sequences provide a blueprint or yoga map for teachers and students.

This is the basic framework we will be looking at in the sequencing cylces.

  • Short Vinyasa Flow: 20-45 Minutes
  • Long Vinyasa Flow: 60 -90 Minutes
  • Short Yin Flow: 20-45 Minutes
  • Long Yin Flow: 60-90 Minutes

Here is an example of a 90 minute Vinyasa Flow class sequence you might find:


5-10 minutes of clearing the mind and prepping the body for practice – this can include breathing practices and some opening poses or light movements with breath. The focus during this time is fully clear the space of distractions and enter the present moment.

Warm Up

10-15 minutes of warming postures

Standing Poses

30+ minutes of sun salutations, standing poses, balance poses and energizing pose sequences

Going Deeper

20-30 minutes for hip openers, skill work, and fine tuning poses

Final Poses

10-15 minutes for inversions, backbends, and twists

10 minutes or more of savasana.

The sequences will be posted on Tuesday and Thursday, with a meditation once a week on Sundays.

Week 7, Day 3: Grounding Meditation

“The mind can go in a thousand directions, but on this beautiful path, I walk in peace. With each step, the wind blows. With each step, a flower blooms.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh~

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit quiet and still. Begin to imagine that you are breathing in a grounding earth energy. This energy flows in as you breathe, up through the entire body, and then flows back down to the earth. With this meditation imagine that you can feel a flow of energy coming from the earth, flowing up through your body, again and again.

Imagine your body rooting down into the earth, and feel that root system spread, so you are feeling solidly anchored to the earth.

Notice the sensations that arise in the mind and body as you feel yourself ground deeper with each breath. Imagine feeling the earth, smelling the grass, and sensing the earth energy.

Stay here with this meditation for 10-20 minutes. Continue to come back to your breath as the mind begins to wander. Keep the focus coming back to a feeling of being grounded and a sensation of letting go, and finding stillness.

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