A 25 minute flow to help you with active recovery, restoration, and rehabilitation of the shoulder area.
As elusive as the flow state might seem, there are defined avenues to help you get there.
A few simple moves on the mat can have you up and moving well again, instead of hobbling around in pain.
Peak performance relies on the laws of the mind. You can no more achieve peak performance with a weak mind than you could with a weak body.
Despite being widely touted and sought after, this peak state of performance can seem undefined or inaccessible to many.
Squatting big weight must start with a proper bodyweight squat, and there is a process to get you to that solid foundation.
The way your body works has a lot to do with the environment you place it in.
A mindset of persistent thankfulness can help you find and stay in the zone.
Achieve limitless growth with this “no program” training approach.
Turn off your phone, shut the door, and de-stress with these relaxing, easy-to-follow flows.
Get your body moving and beat travel boredom with this fast yoga flow that can be done anywhere.
If you’re considering a yoga teacher training program but aren’t sure what it’s like or what work it entails, I’m writing these journals for you.
One of the many gifts BJJ has given me is the capacity to be completely and utterly present. So when I find my mind wandering, or when I start to worry, I make a conscious decision to snap out of it.
I don't think I was ever formally taught how to "flow roll" in BJJ. It seems crystal clear, but it's actually quite hard. Here are my thoughts on what it is and how to do it.
I have a rule with my clients: if you shake your head during a workout you owe me ten burpees. Self-talk has an impact on your performance and the research is out there to back that claim up.
A fighter cannot be thinking about his technique in the heat of battle. There’s no time to think, only to be present. Learn as much as you can, and then let go of it all. That's the challenge.
When did fitness get so complicated? And have we even gotten it right, or have we just messed it up beyond repair? What if fitness looked like when we were kids, when we played in community settings?