New research has uncovered more effective strategies to combat the escalating obesity epidemic.
Achieving the right balance of hormones starts on your dinner plate.
Someone else’s diet might not be the solution for you. Discover your own best nutrition choices.
You can spend money on products to give you an edge, or you can learn how to tap into the power of your own body.
What’s the easiest way to assess optimal physiology in the hard-charging male? A well-pitched tent first thing in the morning.
Research shows that sugar consumption can help us come back to a hormonal baseline during periods of acute stress.
Hormonal balance and maintaining clear cognition are the most important aspects of experimenting with IF.
Loss of hormones as we age can certainly put a damper on your athletic dreams. But the situation is not out of your control.
Knowing the common issues that affect the female athlete can help you program yourself or your client for success.
For females athletes, well-planned training is key to the best hormonal balance and response.
We are told that 3,500 calories equals a pound of fat. I combed the research for this and got “No items found.”
We have clues in our blood that are easy to measure. These clues can have a major impact on our performance and long-term health.
A new research review found alcohol can inhibit muscle growth by as much as thirty percent.
How does testosterone level affect women in terms of exercise and fitness? Learn how this hormone impacts women both physically and psychologically.
What if your workouts are actually squashing your sex life? If your libido is in the basement and you’re wondering why, then keep reading.
If you don’t know what’s going on inside your body, then how do you know you’re not one of those people who are healthy on the outside, but unhealthy on the inside?
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